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壽・華   壽・和 (Ju・Ka  Kotobuki・Wa)

【Creative inspiration】
Attempts to express comprehensive rule of the universe (壽 - Ju; Kotobuki), through modes of "lives of mutual compassion " .

Artist:YAMADA, Mitsuzo
Created:Spring 2010
Type:Sekkokuga - stone-brush painting
Form:Two-fold screens
Materials:traditional organic colors -ganryo, senryo, stone-made colors, crude minerals
Size:"Ju-Ka" -135 cm (height) by 135 cm (width);
"Kotobuki-Wa" - 135 cm (height) by 135 cm (width)


Yamada Mitsuzo

1945Born to a family of stone-carving artisans in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan
1956Came to the idea that "a stone is a condensed object of the universe"
1968Created an art of painting unprecedented in the world and named it "sekkokuga" or stone-brush painting
1982Joined a tour show commemorating 10th anniversary of the restoration of Japan-China diplomatic relations, sponsored by the Government of China and others - the show toured Beijing and two other cities in China
1990Presented a work at the entrance of the guesthouse at the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan
1993Solo exhibition in Berlin and two other cities in Germany, sponsored by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation
2005Solo exhibition - presented works in all rooms of the Global House for honored guests at Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan."
2007Presented a work at the main venue of Hokkaido Lake Toya G8 summit.

Cooperation from: non-government organization (NGO) MIKI MUSEUM
Address: 832-1, Yoshimi, Sakura-City, Chiba Prefecture, 285-0834

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